Research & Experiment

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The product of KTMARINE which has been passed the test of government and IMO, satisfied the international standard. And it is also provide the best satisfaction with high efficiency, Stability and low operating cost.

Land test

The KTMARINE carried out land test from Apr. to oct. 2013 at the KIOST located at the Jangmok-Myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnamdo which has been established on Jan. 2013 for the purpose of Improvement of international confidence of BWMS. All units of MARINOMATE BWMS are installed in 20-feet container (only TRO sensor is installed outside), and after completing trial run for government facility during jan. to mar. of 2014, from Apr. 2014, we carried out ballasting and de-ballasting test. This was conducted strictly by staff of KIOST, and all data regarding the test are recorded and administrated by log sheet. .

Environmental test

Regarding the equipment using land test and on-board test, we had an environmental examination at laboratory designated by government on vibration, slant, temperature and humidity, power regulation. This was for confirming whether the operations are possible under all unfavorable conditions in the vessel and the MARINOMATE has satisfied the standard of all test without any failures.

On board test

The on board test was conducted based on D-2 standard at M/V STAR MARINER. For six month, we are tested three times on ballasting and de-ballasting at the port of Korea, Japan and China, and the results of the test were highly satisfactory to standard.