Principles of Disinfection

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The marinomate designed by KT Marine is consists of 4 major parts the Plankill Pipe Unit, Electrolyzer Unit, the Neutralization Unit and the System Control Unit.

Plankill pipe unit

Once the seawater flows into the unit, the the flow causes the spindle to rotate at a high speed.This high speed rotational motion shocks and damages the microorganisms, planktons, etc.

Electrolyzer unit

The Electrolyzer unit is directly installed on main ballast line, and it generates disinfectant active material.
The maximum quantity of Oxidizing materials generated in electrolyzer is 10ppm. This density is efficient to disinfect the Aquatic organisms in the seawater or brackish water. and the The residual chlorine acts to prevent the regrowth of any remaining aquatic organisms that may have survived.

Neutralization unit

For a certain period of time, the oxidizing materials remain in the treated water carried onboard flowed as ballast water.
During the de-ballasting, neutralizing equipment discharges emit the ballast water only after neutralizing it to a with density similar to treated sewage water.
The input is controlled automatically, not to exceed 0.2ppm: the amount of Oxidizing materials are varied according to the density of seawater and amount of output.

System control unit

The System Control Unit monitors and automatically controls automatically the inflow and outflow of ballast water in the MARINOMATE BWMS.
It consists of touch screen which can operate the PLC and equipment by automatic mode and emergency mode.
It is connected to other equipment and sensors, and can record and store the information to be
If any problem occurs during operation, the alarm system switches run to the an emergency mode, this will automatically stop the operation, thereby avoiding damage to equipment.