Process for Installation

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  • 01. Pre-inspection

    Check vessel’s drawing,layout plans.

  • 02. Vessel Inspection

    Inspection on board for checking available area for installation, requirements for pipings, electric power consumption, and etc.

  • 03. Select BWTS equipment

    Selection of the appropriate BWTS Model, Discussions related to for Price of equipment, and installation costs, etc.

  • 04. Negotiation for price of equipment and installation expense

    Draw out plans, drawings, blue prints, etc. for the installation work and obtain approval from the vessel’s
    Classification Society.

  • 05. Installation/ Inspection / Final confirmation

    · Installing the equipment - ,connecting of the pipe lines, electric power supply, etc.
    · Inspection and Testing of the equipment post installation and Final confirmation from the Owner and the vessel’s Classification Society.