About Us

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KT MARINE, is a Maritime Company that provides valuable service, with a high emphasis on Safe Shipboard Operations
and Protection of the Marine Environment

Since its establishment in May 2001, KTMARINE has been growing in the field of ship-management, marine supplies and as a manufacturer of shipbuilding materials. The company began MARINOMATE a highly efficient and stable BWMS and had secured the IMO final authorization in Jun. 2014. In 2015, the company successfully carried out stringent environmental tests and on-board tests. KTMARINE obtained the "Type Approval" from the Korean government in Mar. 2016.
In keeping with the company’s core values of “Safe Shipboard Operations and Protection of the Marine Environment”,
we are committed to providing the highest quality emerge as an excellent Maritime Company.

  • Development of MARINOMATE,the equipment for Ballast Water Treatment.
  • Obtained final approval from International Maritime Organization (IMO)
  • Obtained Type Approval from Korean government under environmental and on-board tests.